Junior / Ungdom 18 - HT 24

Hello and welcome to Gothenburg Sims Junior Water Polo U18!

The group is aimed at young people between 15-18 years of age with two training sessions a week, Thursdays 19.15-20.30 with a focus on water polo games and ball technique and Sundays 9.30-10.30 with more focus on swimming technique and endurance in the water.

The training focuses on freestyle swimming (crawl), but of course you also get to learn breaststroke and backstroke techniques. Much of the training gives you a good water habit where floating, gliding and paddle exercises are included in addition to technical swimming and water polo exercises.

The training is a lot of fun and gives you safety in the water. The training gives you lifelong knowledge with increased joy and safety in and around water.

Our admission requirement is that you must be able to swim 500 metres.

Training times:
Tuesday: At 19:30-21:30 in Valhallabadet's 50-meter pool
Thursdays at 19:30- 20:30 in Valhallabadet's 50-meter pool
Sundays at 09:30-10:30 in Valhallabadet's 50-meter pool

Start of training: training will start v. 34 - 51.

Training fee per semester: SEK 2295, the price includes entrance to the swimming pool.
+ Membership fee per calendar year: SEK 200.
+ License fee per calendar year:
   - Children 12 years and younger: SEK 150.00
   - Youth 13-16 years: SEK 225.00
   - 17 years and older: SEK 300.00.

Please contact us at the e-mail address: vattenpolo@goteborgsim.se

If you drop out of the course before the course starts, you can get the fee back minus SEK 200 in administration fee. Then email the office immediately kansli@goteborgsim.se
If you decide to drop out after the course has started, we will not pay any money back.

You need to have swimming trunks/swimsuit that are tight and don't risk coming off
in the event of a push-off, etc., as well as a swimming cap (long hair) and swimming goggles. Available to buy in our webshop, see the website at the top right to create an account. On certain weeks, the shop is also physically open at Valhallabadet's small parking lot, see opening times when they are announced at www.goteborgsim.se

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  • Junior / Ungdom 18 - VT 24, tisdag 19:30 - 21:30 ValhallabadetValhallabadet
  • Junior / Ungdom 18 - VT 24, torsdag 19:30 - 20:30 ValhallabadetValhallabadet
  • Junior / Ungdom 18 - VT 24, söndag 09:30 - 10:30 ValhallabadetValhallabadet
Var  Valhallabadet
Aktivitet startar  mån 19 aug 2024 (v. 34)
Aktivitet slutar  fre 20 dec 2024 (v. 51)
Ålder 15-18 år gammal
 Avser ålder vid aktivitetsstart/kalenderår.
  • 2 295,00 kr
Status  Stängd
  • Stängd


1 Pontus Fredriksson
2 Elliot Limberg
3 Elias Zoard Ocsenas
4 Wiebke Koppen
5 Mia Smiljanic
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